Saturday 19 April

Currently I've got a production-line paintshop on the go:

The paintshop queue 

They are a Colas Rail Class 47, a West Coast Railways 47 and a FGW Class 57 in the new FGW blue.

The Colas Rail livery has been a bit tricky, the lemony yellow having to be mixed specially. The decals for this and the WCR are from Precision, excellent artwork, although they can be tricky to apply and need exactly the right sort of preparation and finishing.
I have had some specially made First Group logos, which are used on both the 57 and the newly re-branded HSTs.

They have just had a coat of Johnson's Klear and are awaiting decaling.

Sunday 20 April

Managed to get a couple of free hours before the dreaded trip to the shops!

All decals finished on the Colas 47 "Rebecca" and the two FGW 57's, 57602 and 57603...

2 x 57s and a 47



Tonight they'll get a light coat of Klear - you have to be especially careful with the Colas decals from Precision, they will react very badly to solvent based varnish and need an acrylic based coating built up in layers.

Monday 21 April

Managed to get  a second  coat of Klear on the three above, the good news is the Precision decals on the Colas have taken the first coat well. Took some photos of 57601 in West Coast Rail livery, just completed main painting, awaiting fine details like antenna etc and weathering...

WCR 57601

WCR 57601

Thurs 24 April

Snatched an hour after work to put a satin coat on FGW 57602 "Restormel Castle" & 57603 "Tintagel Castle", now ready for weathering with my Colas 47...




Sunday 27 April

At last, 57603 "Tintagel Castle" leaves the works, outshopped in FGW blue..

57602 Tintagel Castle

Friday 2 May

Managed to slope off work early today and finish 57602 "Restormel Castle" and Colas Rail 47727 "Rebecca", pretty pleased with both...

Colas 47


Sunday 4 May

Had a very enjoyable morning at the west of England show at Bristol, filled with enthusiasm to finish my FGW HST 43003 "Isambard Kingdom Brunel".

Based on a Lima body, it has a Model torque motor and Express Models LightsHST IKB....


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